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Roofing, Siding, Windows & Gutter Replacement Services

No matter the project, Global Home Solutions LLC of Nova, Ohio gets the job done with the highest quality of attention to detail for your home improvement needs. We work with all insurance carriers on reclamation claims for your convenience. Ensure quick and efficient home improvement services whenever your home has been damaged. During summer, the 4 Workman brothers helped their father pick up debris from the ground during projects. At a young age, they learned the trades of home improvement, which included roofing, siding, and window/doors and gutter installations.

Styling up Your Siding

Vinyl siding is a great solution for improving your home’s appearance. We have a large selection of colors and styles to complement your home, including multiple ventilated soffits and a 3/8″ insulated backer board for expansion and contraction. We also handle siding repair. Contact us today for a consultation on your next project.

Home Improvement Trust Global Home Solutions, LLC to handle all of your Roofing, Windows and Gutter needs. We also do full room addition and add-ons!

Quality Windows & Doors

When you need custom windows and doors, Global Home Solutions LLC is on the job. We offer multiple material options in several sizes and styles, as well as double and triple-pane windows with argon or krypton gas insulation. All of our products offer a limited lifetime warranty on replacement services:

• Virgin Vinyl Installations • R-15 Insulation Options • Cap Material Colors • Commercial-Grade Caulking Options • Large, Bay, & Bow Window Styles 

Get out of the Gutter

Protect your home against leaks and water damage with new seamless gutters and guards. We have many colors to choose from, as well as hidden hanger applications and downspouts installed with anti-icing technology.

Rubber Roof Systems/Re-Flex EPDM Systems

We use Re-Flex EPDM commercial grade thickness of 060 materials utilized on all jobs. Commercial non-leak seal installed around all protrusions/pipe boots. All of our products offer a limited lifetime warranty.

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